Tag: ass

The soccer mum crushes his head!

This soccer mum is merciless! She uses her butt to do whatever she wants.
And once again she has found a helpless victim, a boy, who has to accept his fate!
She sits down on his face and puts his nose deep between her cheeks.
His mouth has to breath her ass sweat only – no more fresh air from now on!


Mature mistress Aurora uses his face

Aurora is a cruel and sadistic mature mistress! But she still looks awesome!
She has a lot of experience and knows exactly how to make him suffer below her ass!
She wears her hot black leggings and sits down with her butt on the mouth and nose
of her slave. He looses his possibility to breath – but at least he has a nice view
before he loose consciousness…!


Kate plays PS3 on her slave’s face!

Kate still loves to play some games! She always says that you will never be to old for this…!
But she still cannot loose! And if she does her slave has to take the pain…!
Her ass is already sweaty from her concentration and tight movements.
But the slave has to do his job as a gaming cushion until Kate finished playing…!