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Larissa facesits her boy-toy in jeans

45 years old and still unbelievable hot – mistress Larissa is a dream of a mature mistress for sure! Today she facesits one of her younger boy toys in the living room. But having her naked ass in the face would be much to generous for this weakling – so she decides to put one of her skin-tight jeans on. The slave moans when she lowers her gorgeous butt on his face but he has no chance but to endure this painful treatment – even when his nose gets completely flattened under her ass.

She enjoys sitting on his face in various positions and changes them quite frequently. Of course different sitting positions are varyingly when it comes to pain for the slave and it amuses her even more when the slave is in great pain!


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Mistress Alice facesits a younger slave

Mistress Alice teaches a disobedient a lesson today. She has handcuffed this guy and forced him to lie down on the floor when she sits down on his face wearing her skin-tight jeans. The slave is already moaning in pain but that only amuses Alice.

Instead of showing some mercy she even applies more pressure to her victim’s face by extending her legs so her boots is now resting on his face with her full weight! With his hands bound and his mistress sitting on his face there’s nothing he can do – except for hoping his mistress will not sit on his face for the rest of the day!


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Mature Jeans Facesitting Mistress

Mature mistress Tanja’s slave gets a serious jeans facesitting today. She starts facesitting him with his head lying on the edge of the couch – which is already quite hard as she’s wearing a tight pair of jeans and doesn’t sit down on him carefully. When she gets up after a few minutes he already thinks his punishment is over – but that’s just wrong!

She pulls his head on the ground and sits down on his face again. This time she’s facesitting him using her full weight and is pleased by the feeling of his face getting crushed under her sexy mature ass!

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