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Hartes Facesitting mit Princess Serena

Princess Serena will die Fresse von ihrem Sklaven als Sitzkissen benutzen – und sie trägt nur ihre sexy Dessous. Aber dem Loser soll das natürlich nicht gefallen – also setzt sie sich mit vollem Gewicht auf die Sklavenfresse und nimmt dem Loser mit ihrem vollem Gewicht die Luft zum Atmen. Er muss unter ihrem Arsch leiden – so lange wie sie es will!


Housewive Doreen facesits the lazy young guy

This young guy was supposed to tidy up and clean Doreen’s storeroom. But when she checks on him after a few hours he still isn’t finished. Doreen decides to punish him with some hard facesitting. This mature mistress has no mercy for the young guy and sits down with her big ass right on his face. She starts sitting on his face wearing her shorts.

But facesitting in shorts doesn’t seem to be good enough for her so she decides to take off the shorts and sit down on his face again wearing only a thong. He gets smothered frontal and reverse under her merciless mature butt and has to smell her stinky mature ass. He better works harder from now on! Otherwise Doreen will have to think about a harder punishment next time.

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Smothered under a drunk mature mistress

Mature mistress Tanja wants to enjoy a small bottle of sparkling wine – while sitting on guys face! The guy lying under her ass is probably half as old as she is but she doesn’t care as long as she feels his nose between her butt cheeks and can enjoy her afternoon drink.

She’s wearing lingerie and smothers the slave completely under her sexy butt – which is maybe 42 years old – but surely knocks out most 20 year-old butts easily when it comes to hotness. She sits on his face as well frontal as reverse and is amused by the young guy moaning under her ass.

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